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Keychain pipes - Metal Mini Pipe

If you are looking for something quick inconspicuous and portable, you have found it, keychain pipes are of that and more. Keychain pipes are the best thing to have when you want to smoke on the go. The key chain pipes blend well in a set of keys and don’t take up a whole lot of space. Most pipes are bulky or breakable and carrying them around is a cumbersome task. Stop using bulky carrying cases and get you a portable metal tobacco pipe. Portable smoking pipes are a convenient and easy to clean. This is the ultimate one hitter. If you need a quick hit on the go, keychain pipes are the way to go.

Set of 12 Keychain Pipes

Keychain Pipes Essential Features

It doesn’t matter where you are, nine times out of ten if you are leaving your house you are going to take your keys. If you have your pipe on your key chain you are never going to be without a way to smoke. No longer will you have to stress about what you are going to smoke with when you leave the house, you already have it on your keys. If you are at the bar, at work, at the park or on a Sunday drive you can get yourself a portable pipe to smoke with.

Key Chain PipeKeychain Pipes

Why you should buy these keychain pipes

These keychain pipes are durable and made from aluminum so they are light weight and won’t weigh down your keychain. There is a mouth piece that unscrews, a small chamber that connects to an elbow and then to the bowl. It is a pretty simple pipe to use. If it happens to get dirty from usage, simply grab your favorite cleaner and clean it up. You can also scrape this type of metal pipe or even drop it; it is not going to break or damage.

When you go to the head shop and get a nice new glass pipe or bong you are always going to have the fear of breaking it in the back of your mind. If you get a bong it’s hard to keep concealed and transport. You are going to end up getting a carrying case for either one, which is going to cost you extra money and going to be extremely bulky. You could always get a convenient little keychain pipe and leave your glass at home. You don’t have to worry about getting out of your car with your pipe on your lap and smashing it all over the pavement. If you had a keychain pipe and you end up dropping it on accident nothing is going to happen, it’s metal.

Key Chain Pipes Shopping Online

Sometimes when you are out and about and need a hit the key chain pipes are convenient. These key chain pipes come in all types of different colors so you can pick your favorite or even one to match your car. Keychain pipes make a great gift for your friends; these are even a great stocking stuffer. Collect them all and show your friends your cool little pipes, you can even mix and match. Don’t break your glass and keep a one hitter around for when you feel the urge.

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